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An innovative and secure IT infrastructure is crucial for the success of a company. But what happens to decommissioned systems and their sensitive company data?
Hardly any technology develops as rapidly and consistently as IT hardware. Accordingly, legacy systems are often decommissioned.

From this point on at the latest, we accompany you with a professional IT remarketing service. Together with you, we develop a remarketing concept that is tailored to the old hardware and your needs.

We buy your used IT hardware!

Due to our specialization and internationally positioned sales organization, we offer daily updated high repurchase values on company and data center IT for:

  • Server hardware of the manufacturers HPE, Lenovo, DELL EMC & Fujitsu
  • Network hardware from CISCO, HPE, ARUBA and Extreme Networks
  • SAN hardware of the manufacturers BROADCOM, Brocade, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, DELL EMC
  • Storage hardware from HPE, DELL EMC, IBM, Lenovo & NetApp
  • Business notebook and PCs from Lenovo and HP
  • Others on request.

We delete data media according to international standards – even smartphones and tablets! Safe, reliable and certified!

By remarketing used IT hardware you create new capital for a company.

Hot or scrap

Arrived in our macle-tech-center, the hardware is subjected to an extensive asset management process in a secure area. This means checking and determining the exact configuration and testing the individual assets, as well as classifying them into the various macle condition codes from A+ for “Hot” to D for “Scrap”. If the hardware has not yet been evaluated in advance, the remuneration will be determined at the latest upon completion of this process.

More than just “format C:\”.

Certified data erasure is the be-all and end-all of a professional IT remarketing company.
To ensure certified and irreversible data erasure, we fully rely on our partner “blancco” – the worldwide software pioneer when it comes to sensitive data erasure issues. The long-standing partnership in conjunction with our in-house, secure-tech-center enables us to meet almost any customer requirement for data erasure.  More than just “format C:\”.

After we have presented the documentation from our macle-tech-center and clarified any open questions, we expect your invoice according to our agreements and within a few days your business account will enjoy new credit. This transforms your old hardware into new capital for your company.
For the love of the environment

Not only will your company benefit from our IT remarketing services, Mother Nature will also be grateful to you! By remarketing your old equipment, we protect the environment and reduce the ever-growing amount of electrical waste. Products that can no longer be made available to the market are recycled by us in accordance with strict legal requirements.

Your contact person

Christian Körpert

Christian Körpert

Purchasing, Remarketing & Spare Parts
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to remarketing@macle.de.

The macle IT-Remarketing-Service


⊕   No disposal with costs

⊕   Certified data erasure of sensitive company data

⊕   New capital in the company

⊕   Reduction of the increasing amount of electrical waste

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ISO 9001

ISO 9001