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You are interested in our products and would like to get to our price list without much effort?

Then we will be a good help for you with our data subscription! Let us create data feeds for you free of charge according to your requirements, with which you can expand the number of articles in your range by 55,000 at present. And we will show you in 3 uncomplicated steps how easy this is!

What you have to do?

We provide you with a free data feed either on our server or on your server. If there should be problems with the upload in your shop, we will gladly support you.
The term long tail explains a phenomenon that will now also benefit your online shop. Because the more products you offer online, the more likely you are to sell something. And even if you sell an item only once, you will increase your sales without any additional effort!

By the way, we also ship our goods “Blindship”. This means that you don’t have to wait until the parcel arrives and you then forward it to your customer. Instead, we ship your orders directly to your customer’s desired address. macle is not specified as the sender, so that it is not obvious to your customer that we have sent the order. Upon request, we will enclose your personal delivery note with the order.

You not only save delivery and storage costs, but also valuable delivery time!

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