As the exclusive Distributor of the brand GRAFENTHAL, we would like to introduce the brand-new GRAFENTHAL Server SSD Upgrades.

GRAFENTHAL Server SSDs supplement and accelerate application, virtualization and database servers, and improve the scalability and performance of writing and reading-intensive services. Their compatibility with many server systems opens up cost-effective options for the introduction or expansion of high-performance SSD-based server systems.


In comparison with traditional hard drives:
– Up to twice as fast boot operations
– Files and programs open up to four times faster
– Acceleration of application, virtualization and database servers

– Low downtime, reliable & silent operation by eliminating moving parts
– Use of Enterprise Server SSD types from leading SSD manufacturers

– Less power consumption and barely any waste heat
– Reduced operating noise due to the lower cooling requirement
– Inexpensive alternative to SSD upgrades of the server manufacturers
– Extension of the service life through increased performance

5 Year Warranty
GRAFENTAL grants a 5-year replacement warranty on GRAFENTAL SSD upgrades.

Manufacturer support
The GRAFENTHAL team provides support and advice free of charge
before and after purchasing for technical questions


With the GRAFENTHAL Selection Guide, you will immediately find the GRAFENTHAL server SSD compatible for your server system.

More information and an overview of GRAFENTHAL server SSD capacities can be found here.

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