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Service & Support

Service & Support

Service & Support from a professional service provider

Excellent IT support from an experienced service provider saves you time and money when configuring your systems. From the installation of servers and storage to RAID configuration in data storage, we offer a high level of expertise and also take over the configuration of hardware and software according to your ideas. Service quality is decisive for our company – and we would like you to participate in it.

High-quality service for your project

Are you planning to assemble new devices or set up modern servers or other storage solutions? Our employees will be happy to take care of your concerns. You will receive hardware solutions as well as the configuration of existing software. Choose from various product qualities such as retail hardware, B-ware, EOL devices and other categories. In this way you ensure that you achieve a perfect price-performance ratio for your planned project. We will be happy to assist you with our high service quality during the planning phase and suggest the best possible solutions for your problem. This is done on an individual basis for your company. This saves time and money – and gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the really important things.

Professional competence in software issues

Advanced tasks – such as RAID configuration of hard disks in storage solutions – require a high level of enterprise expertise. We are happy to put our trained staff at your disposal: We take over the installation of suitable operating systems as well as the final RAID configuration. You can also let us carry out the assembly in advance. By carrying out a compatibility check of the hardware and software in advance, we ensure that your project can start smoothly. In the end, you will receive a tailor-made solution that offers everything you desire, from a simple storage server to an automated data feed for your online shop. Something doesn’t work the way you want it to? Use our configuration service and leave this task to a reliable service provider!

Guarantee for our service quality

Not every problem can be solved by software intervention. We maintain an extensive stock of spare parts, which are frequently requested by companies. Due to the large stock of turnkey systems and spare parts, we are able to compensate equipment failures in your company within a very short time. In addition, we are convinced of the quality of our assembly and spare parts: We offer a twelve-month guarantee on all products delivered by us. Damage occurs less frequently and in the event of an emergency you can rely 100% on our technical competence. We are happy to work for smaller start-ups as well as SMEs and thus make a considerable contribution to a perfectly functioning IT environment in your company.

Your contact person

Pierre van Bergerem

Pierre van Bergerem

Service Manager